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New! Heritage Collection: Wild Cherry + Chia + Granola Pinole
Traditional, old world pinole pre-blended with delicious toppings

Traditional, old world pinole packed with nutrients and rich flavor

Blueberry + Banana
An extra boost of antioxidants and vitamins wrapped in delicious fruit accents.

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From the Aztec messengers to the current day Tarahumara Indians who run hundreds of miles at a time, pinole – a secret power food- has been fueling athletes and explorers for centuries.

It all began with a childhood memory—a longing for a comforting,hearty breakfast that the locals called pinole, handed down for generations in a remote village in Honduras. Unhappy with the processed foods we kept finding on grocery shelves which were devoid of natural wholesomeness and goodness, we decided to embark on a journey that would change our lives forever….
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