We all know the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day“. But, did you know there’s an entire month dedicated to commemorating it? Well there is! And it’s now!

So, how did Hot Breakfast Month start? It began as a way to encourage people to have more nutritious and filling breakfasts. Having a hot breakfast in the morning is more satisfying and will keep you fuller longer.

According to 10 Tips for Health, below are the 10 Top Reasons to eat a satisfying breakfast:

  1. It will boost your metabolism
  2. A morning meal helps keep your blood sugar stable during the day
  3. Reduces cravings and overeating later in the day
  4. Breakfast helps you to feel fuller for longer and eat fewer calories
  5. People who eat breakfast consume more vitamins, minerals, and fiber throughout the day
  6. Breakfast helps improve your concentration and productivity
  7. Those who skip breakfast have lower energy levels, as well as less strength and endurance
  8. If you do not eat breakfast you may have worse moods during the day
  9. Skipping breakfast can lead to poorer memory
  10. It has been shown that people who regularly skip breakfast are actually more likely to become overweight and face a higher risk for serious health problems

There is not better way to celebrate Hot Breakfast Month than with a warm bowl of Purely Pinole. With 20+ grams of protein and 30% of your daily fiber, pinole is the perfect way to start your mornings!

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