Here at Native State Foods, we use ancient, premium ingredients to deliver the highest level of nutrition, purity and taste in every bite. Many of these ingredients have been used for thousands of years. They are powerful and healing.

The Maqui Berry is a small, superberry indigenous to southern Chile. It is still harvested nearly exclusively by the native Mapuche Indians. It’s rich and bursting with sweet flavor but also full of nutritional benefits that have been revered for centuries.

Learn more below why we chose this “fierce ancient superberry” to add a powerful boost to Purely Pinole.

A Little Ancient Magic

The Mapuche are known as fierce warriors. They are one of the only native peoples in the Americas not conquered by invading colonists. Today, they maintain a rich culture and vibrant traditions that we celebrate.

The Mapuche recognized the benefits of the maqui berry early on, eating it both whole and drinking its juice. Its potent antioxidants  help support immunity, fight against inflammation in the body, and support overall wellness.



5 Benefits of Maqui Berries:

  • Superpotent Antioxidant
  • Powerful Anti-inflammatory
  • Support for Heart Health
  • Helps Maintain Energy Levels
  • A Natural Antibacterial for Daily Wellness


Get a Daily Boost of the Power Of Maqui

We’ve paired the natural goodness of Purely Pinole with the superpower of the Maqui Berry. Enjoy the ancient wisdom of the Mapuche and its healing magic in every bite.

Image of Grab & Go Pinole Snack Cup, Maqui Berry + Coconut + Almond
Grab & Go Pinole Snack Cup, Maqui Berry + Coconut + Almond
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