Purely Pinole Recognized as Pioneer in the Future of Food

FoodBytes! Austin, TX, Presented by Rabobank

Team Purely Pinole will head to Austin, Texas on September 25-26 to a premier gathering of some of the top leaders in the Food & Beverage industry. Founded as part of Rabobank’s Banking for Food (B4F) vision to build a more sustainable food system, FoodBytes! provides a haven for entrepreneurs to share ideas and connect with others who are working to solve the pressing challenges facing the food industry today.

The event also includes a contest for innovative companies to pitch a panel of expert judges. Team Purely Pinole has been chosen as a Top 10 Finalist to present its mission to disrupt the way America power its day-through better quality nutrition delivered through wholesome, ancient foods.

The pitch companies hail from around the world, including Australia, India, New Zealand and the United States. The ten finalist companies have 3.5 minutes to pitch a panel of expert judges and participate in an audience Q&A.

Below is a sampling of the companies pitching in addition to Team Purely Pinole.

We are thrilled to take the stage alongside such innovators and thought leaders in our industry and are looking forward to an outstanding event!


Other Brands Presenting in FoodBytes! Austin (We’re in good company!):

  • Beyond the Shoreline (New York, NY) – Creator of a new wave of seagreens-based snacks, like “Kelp Jerky”, that are packed with protein and are vegan and non-GMO and free from dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, refined sugar and gluten.
  • Coffee Flour (Bellevue, WA) – Uses the by-product of coffee milling operations – the pulp and skin of the previously discarded coffee cherry – and turns it into a nutritionally-dense flour. Coffee Flour serves the health and sustainability needs of the food & beverage industry, while also generating significant economic, environmental and nutritional impact in coffee-growing communities.
  • GrubTubs (Austin, Texas) – Reconnecting cities to farms via its “Table-to-Farm” movement, GrubTubs collects and converts food scraps from restaurants into “grubs”, a more nutritious and cost-effective animal feed for local farmers.
  • Intello Labs (Karnataka, Bengaluru, India) – Uses Artificial Intelligence for quality evaluation of fruits, vegetables, grains and other agri crops and commodities. Users click an image of the crop, and using AI and Image recognition, they are able to measure quality parameters like crop infestation, nutrient deficiency and commodity quality.
  • Know Brainer Foods (Lafayette, CO) – Makes portion controlled ketogenic products to fuel the mind and metabolism with essential fats, not sugar, so that eaters stay alert and satiated throughout the day.
  • Sugarlogix (Berkeley, CA) – Maker of functional sugars that enhance the immune system, promote gut health and reduce inflammation without compromising taste.
  • Vence Corp (Key Largo, FL) – Hardware and software solution that reduces fencing and labor expenses on livestock farms and reduces the costs associated with producing pasture-raised Vence Corp offers an Invisible Fence meets Fitbit, for cows.
  • Vitox Drinking Vinegar (Los Angeles, CA) – Fermented blend of raw cold pressed juice and apple cider vinegar that delivers a 100% natural, shelf-stable and naturally probiotic health beverage.


FoodBytes! Austin by Rabobank is produced in collaboration with presenting partners Food + Tech Connect, the world’s largest community for food tech and innovation, and Fresh Ideas Group, a mission-driven communications agency. FoodBytes! is supported by industry leaders including presenting sponsor Whole Foods Market, and official sponsors Holland & Hart, ADM, and The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. and its Cultivate Ventures platform.


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