_topWhy Blueberries & Bananas are the Perfect Combination for Our Newest Flavor of Pinole
Everyone knows and loves the taste of fresh blueberries and perfectly-ripe bananas—but these common fruits also have impressive nutritional clout. We decided to pair them together to add even more fun flavor and function to Purely Pinole and the combo was outstanding. The result was a complex yet balanced blend of earthy grain, smooth cacao, and sweet fruit. Read on to find out how this power combination can grow your health, energy, and balance.

Blueberries: An Extra Antioxidant Boost
One serving of Purely Pinole provides twice as many antioxidants as blueberries—so why not ramp up the antioxidant power by adding this nutrient-packed fruit? The vibrant color of both blueberries and pinole’s purple maize comes from the same thing: a super-high concentration of damage-fighting flavonoids and polyphenols. These compounds work together in harmony to prevent and restore cell damage much like a coat of paint keeps your car from rusting. Best of all, blueberries add flavor and sweetness to your breakfast, accenting the wholesome flavor of traditional pinole.

_top2Bananas: It’s Not Just Potassium
From a pretty young age, parents and teachers probably told you that bananas are loaded with bone- and muscle-boosting potassium. They’re right, but the health benefits of this unassuming fruit go a lot farther. For instance, did you know that bananas actually help balance your blood sugar, preventing energy spikes and crashes and ensuring stable focus all day? Even better, the potassium in bananas can strengthen your immune system and reduce blood pressure. Add this to bananas’ sweet tropical flavor and you have a combination that’s impossible to resist.

To add even more nutritional oomph (and delicious flavor) to your breakfast, check out our Bananas Foster pinole bowl recipe. Have a pinole creation of your own? Email it to editor@purelypinole.com for a chance to be featured on our blog, our Facebook page, or on Instagram.

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