We believe wholesome, nutritious food matters.

We believe where your food comes from matters. Here at Native State Foods, we are on a mission to create healthy, delicious products that are better for you—and the planet. To do this, we bring you Purely Pinole, an ancient power food dating back over 500 years to the Aztecs. Enjoyed for centuries throughout Central and South America but nearly lost today, we are the first to introduce pinole to the US – the way it was hundreds of years ago – packed with premium nutrients and energy sustaining power.

Meet the Founders: Our Journey

It all began as a childhood memory —a longing for a comforting hearty breakfast that Claudio remembered enjoying during the summers he spent with family in Latin America—a delicious and nutrient packed food the locals called pinole.

At the time we were living in the middle of New York City and running the wrong race. Too many hours worked and little time to play or live the active lifestyle we both felt passionately about. Plus, we were making poor food choices and wondering why food wasn’t more like it used to be – before it came in frozen squares made for the microwave.

We decided to leave New York on a journey to find pinole and share its healthy goodness with the world.

It took nearly a year and 1900 miles of scouring markets and rural villages throughout Central America. But finally, it was found. Made the way it has been prepared for hundreds of years and built with the very best ingredients, Purely Pinole was born.

From hot cereals to snacks on the go, we are the first to bring you pinole-based products—made just for you with only simple, wholesome ingredients– the way food should be. Our hope is to inspire you. To provide the energy and nutrition to power your next adventure. And to enable you to discover more, live better, and play harder. So go. Be you.

Angela & Claudio

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