Purely Pinole by Native State Foods | Grab & Go Pinole Breakfast Cup, Brown Sugar + Cinnamon, 8 Ct

Grab & Go Pinole Breakfast Cup, Brown Sugar + Cinnamon, 8 Ct

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Kickstarting your day with the ancient power of pinole just got easier! Now you can enjoy rich, delicious flavor & energy-packed nutrition anywhere, anytime. Great for breakfast or a snack, these hot cereal pinole cups are ready in under 1 minute.

Powerful Nutrition to Energize Your Day On-the-Go!
• 7g Protein
• 4g Fiber
• Powerful Antioxidants
• 110 calories
• Low Sugar
• Gluten Free
• 100% NonGMO

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Purely Pinole Grab & Go Snack Cup
8-Count Case Pack
Brown Sugar + Cinnamon
Each cup 1.1oz (30g), (1 serving)

Our Grab & Go Hot Cereal Snack Cups bring you the power of pinole in a convenient, single-serve cup, great for on-the-go! Made with premium ingredients that are nutrient rich and packed with flavor, enjoy the robust, delicious flavor of Purely Pinole anywhere, anytime.

Brown Sugar + Cinnamon delivers the deep, rich warmth of old world pinole enveloped in brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon. Hearty and filling, it’s perfect for breakfast or a snack.

To prepare, simply add water, microwave for 45 seconds, and enjoy! Protein, fiber, and antioxidants in every bite.

All-natural. Gluten Free. Made in the United States using traditional techniques and certified non-GMO ingredients. Features new eco-friendly peel top lid!

Nutrition Facts


Pinole (roasted purple maize, cacao, cinnamon),organic buttermilk powder, organic rice protein concentrate, organic dark brown sugar, organic blue agave (inulin fiber), pea protein, unrefined organic cane sugar, almond meal, tapioca flour, allspice, natural flavor, sea salt, monk fruit extract


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