A Rediscovered Ancient Power Food

Revered for centuries for its power to fuel endurance and provide energy, pinole is a secret recipe created by the Aztecs and passed down through generations. Traditionally eaten as a hot, filling porridge, pinole is still made today in some rural parts of Latin America.

Purely Pinole is the first premium pinole product ever to be made available in the US! Chock full of vitamins and minerals, protein, fiber, and powerful antioxidants – pinole has been fueling warriors, adventurists, endurance runners, and explorers for centuries.

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Quick Facts About Pinole

Made the traditional way, the maize is slow-roasted for hours in an adobe oven over a wood burning fire. This unlocks its delicious flavor.
Pure cacao beans would often be roasted alongside the maize during this process for additional flavor.
After roasting and smoking, the maize is ground by hand with a stone and pestle into a textured meal.
Next, delicious spices such as fresh canela (cinnamon) and pimiento (all spice) were added with a touch of sweetener.
Once ready, it would be combined with fresh milk and cooked slowly over the open fire for a thick, wholesome, deliciously filling porridge.
Famously known as “The Running People” and featured in the New York Times Bestseller Born to Run, used pinole to run 100’s of miles between villages.